Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Best Useful Tips to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Types breast cancer causes
It is a harsh reality that breast cancer has become a leading cause of death in women worldwide. According to studies 13 % of all women have a great risk of developing breast cancer in her lifetime. The reasons for developing this cancer have not yet been determined, but by modifying your lifestyle you can reduce your cancer risk. You can make small changes to reduce your cancer risk.

Follow a Healthy Diet Plan

Healthy food promotes a healthy life by reducing your risk of cancer and strengthening your immune system. A strong immune system defends you against diseases and the same is the case with cancer. A Healthy diet plan contains fruits, vegetables, whole grains and food items rich in fiber. Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants that can prevent cellular damage caused by breast cancer.

Cut back on processed food and red meat as they are rich in saturated fat that can increase your cancer risk. Avoid alcohol because certain breast cancer tumors are estrogen sensitive and alcohol can increase the level of estrogen.

Maintain AHealthy Body Weight

Body weight is an important factor to maintain your overall health. If you are obese you are more likely to develop all sorts of diseases including breast cancer. You should be neither underweight nor overweight.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise is a healthy activity for everyone. It not only helps combat obesity, but also reduces cancer risk. The aim of exercise is to move the body so exercise can be in the form of jogging, walking, swimming etc. It is better to exercise for at least 30 minutes daily to reduce your risk.

Don't Smoke

Smoking is harmful for your health and affects all organs of the body. It is one of the sure-fire ways to increase your cancer risk. Don't smoke for the sake of your health and life.

Breastfeed if Possible

New mothers have the option to start breastfeeding to reduce cancer risk. Those who are going to become mothers in the future can use this option for reducing their risk as well. Breastfeeding can reduce your cancer risk by 7 %.

Examine your breasts

You should examine your breasts monthly to check for any unusual changes. It can be done by every woman easily in privacy of her home. It helps you take necessary action in time.

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