Monday, December 5, 2011

Various Techniques To Promote Growth Of Your Breasts

Natural ways to increase breast size
Many women assume that all natural breast enlargement is a myth. I know when it comes to getting bigger breasts almost all women will immediately think of getting breasts implants. If you are one of these women contemplating breast implant surgery, please don't do it. There are so many different adverse effects to breast implants its unbelievable. Do you know that more than 30% of women need to get a second surgery after there first to fix flaws?

Needless to say, surgery can be very scary and something many women will want to completely stay away from. If you are in this same boat I would like to share with you some different options you have for actually growing your breasts naturally.

The first option would be good old diet and exercise. While exercise is never going to truly grow your breasts out of proportion, doing chest workouts will actually help tone and tighten up your chest area as well as lift your breasts a little to make them appear bigger. You can also eat foods that are naturally high in estrogen. While taking excess amounts of estrogen is not extremely healthy, there is nothing wrong with a good dose of natural estrogen from fruits and stuff. Estrogen as we all know is your female hormone but, it is actually the hormone in your body that accounts for all your growth.

Another option would be herbal supplements. There are a lot of so-called miracle pills out there but, personally I think just taking a pill never really solves a problem. Sure pills can help with things but, they never truly provide you with the cure. Don't get me wrong though. There are some excellent herbal supplements to take for promoting breast growth. Just be careful when buying some of these herbal breast pills you see around the internet.

There is an alternative to breast enhancement pills and, that is all natural herbal breast cream. I think having an herbal cream is a lot more effective than a pill just because it gets applied straight to the area you are concerned about. One thing I really like about breast creams and serums is that they prompt you to massage your breasts on a regular basis. I am a firm believer in lymphatic breast massage as it not only helps to prevent breast cancer but, massage also helps to stimulate your nerves.

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Lucy Cale said...

Getting bigger breast naturally isn't a myth, but the results are visible only after a period of time, not instantly like cosmetic surgery allows. The breast augmentation is one of the main choices a woman takes if she decides to do something about the appearance of her chest.

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